Noorani Qaida For Kids

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Noorani Qaida is a basic book for beginners to start learn Quran. It starts from basic arabic alphabets. Each lesson has exercises with respective rules of tajweed. Students learn basic rules of tajweed during exercises. Learn and Read Noorani Qaida in Urdu Noorani Qaida in English. You can also download Noorani Qaida PDF.

Learning Noorani Qaida is for the students who want to learn Quran properly. Noorani Qaida start with basic arabic alphabets. Kids learn recognition of letters in individual and compound forms. They learn proper sounds of each letter. They learn how long should a movement be streched. They learn different rules of noon sakin, meem sakin and waqf. After learning Noorani Qaida they are able to read Quran with proper pronunciation.

Hifz Quran offers a well organized and well designed Online Noorani Qaida free for its visitors to read it online at home. If you find it difficult to understand how to pronounce these letters, please register yourself now to get Free Trial from a qualified tutor. You can continue if you are satisfied.

Benefits And Importance Of Learning Noorani Qaida For Kids

Noorani Qaida contains the Arabic alphabet. A non-Arab person needs to learn the alphabet of the Arabic language before he learns the holy Quran. Noorani Qaida is beneficial for all those who are not the native Arabs; they cannot pronounce the Quranic words until they learn the basic rules about how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet. Noorani Qaida teaches the beginners accurate pronunciation of Arabic words. You are a Muslim, and you want to know about the teaching of Islam; you are supposed to recite the Quran. You cannot recite the Quran until you learn the Noorani Qaida. 

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Noorani Qaida Course is a fundamental course that is taught by our tutors using Noorani Qaida syllabus. We have designed comprehensive Online Noorani Qaida Course for kids and adults (male and females) with the help of experienced online Noorani Qaida Tutors. It is first step for beginners to learn Quran. You cannot recite the Holy Quran properly without learning basic rules first. This course starts from learning basic arabic alphabets. It is recommended for those who do not know Arabic and would like to read the Arabic language and Quran with rules of tajweed.


What you will Learn in this Course?

• Lesson 1: Arabic Alphabets or Huroof e Mufridaat
• Lesson 2: Compounds Letters or Huroof e Murakkabat
• Lesson 3: Abbreviated Letters or Huroof e Muqta’at
• Lesson 4: Movements or Harakaat
• Lesson 5: Nunnation or Tanween
• Lesson 6: Exercises of Harakaat and Tanween
• Lesson 7: Standing Movements or Khari Harakaat
• Lesson 8: Maddah and Leen Letters or Huroof e Maddah o Leen
• Lesson 9: Exercise of Movements, maddah, Leen and Tanween
• Lesson 10: Sukoon or Jazm.


Noorani Qaida Course Outline:

• Correct pronunciation of Arabic letters from their proper origin (Makhraj).
• Learning of Alphabets shapes.
• Compounds Letters.
• Harakaat (Movements).
• Standing Movements.
• Maddah Letters.
• Leen Letters.
• Sukoon (Jazm).
• Tashdeed.
• Nunnation or Tanween.
• Rules of Noon Sakin.
• Rules of Meem Sakin.
• Rules of Stop (Waqf).

Benefits of Noorani Qaida Course:

Noorani Qaida Course is beneficial for those who are not native Arabs as they can not pronounce arabic words until they learn how to pronounce the Arabic alphabets. This course teaches the beginners accurate pronunciation of Arabic letters in arabic accent. After learning Noorani Qaida course, students become able to read the Holy Quran with rules of Tajweed and correct pronunciation.

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