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Quran speaks to mankind on general basis without regard to race, tribe, color, social , financial condition.

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Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Quran, or their hearts locked up by them?


Learn Koran for kids !


Learn Koran for kids, Read quran for kids program have been specially designed for those people who are facing difficulties in sending their kids to mosques regularly to learn Koran. If you are seeking a qualified Koran tutor for your kids then you my get our services to learn Koran for kids. It is now possible for everyone to Learn Koran, read and understand quran online just by sitting at home. This Learn Koran for kids online program has been started by using advanced technology through internet which involves no traveling and it is fully secured, time-saving, flexible class plans with affordable fee packages for all family members of any age. Our qualified online Koran tutors teach so that kids may learn learn Koran with Tajweed. Everyone is offered minimum 3 days free trials for learn Koran for kids classes so that one can see how effective Learn Koran, Read and Understand Koran, Learn Koran for kids Online Program is! With the help and support of our qualified online Koran tutors and scholars, thousands of parents now know how learn Koran for kids program can help their children to learn Koran with Tajweed, read quran in true Arabic accent and understand quran. They are now reading it fluently with Tajweed in true Arabic accent to understand Koran for applying the Koran instructions in their day-to-day life.


Features of learn Koran for kids online:

          1. A leading International learn Koran for kids Academy.
          2. 1 to 1 Koran class. It means teacher teaches only a single student at a time.
          3. A Learn Koran online class in your living room.
          4. Essential Islamic Teaching for children and new Muslims from age of 4 to 70.
          5. Highly trained and qualified Quran teachers.
          6. Highly reputed academic background.
          7. A small monthly fee.
          8. No long term contracts.
          9. Just month to month service.

Who Can Learn Koran at home:

Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us. We use internet telephony software for voice conversation and screen sharing software for sharing computer screen. You have to buy Computer headset for voice communication from any electronic store. Teacher will assist you for screen sharing. It means teacher and student talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screens during the class.

Our Koran tutors to help learn Koran for kids:

Learn Koran is an only Koran learning online institute that has Female Quran Tutors as well as male Koran tutors, this helps our students, be it men or women, babies or grown up brothers and sisters choose Koran tutors appropriate for their Koran lessons.

Currently, all the Tutors are at least bi-lingual with proficiency in Urdu & English languages. Most of Tutors are able to speak and understand Arabic as well. Most of the Tutor have received training in Qirat and Reciting Koran and also have Koran Teaching Experience. The Tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards set by the management. The performance of each Tutor is evaluated every 3 months based on their students progress.


You can try 3 Free Trial no obligation lessons to evaluate our Koran reading service & tutor. After the free lessons you can decide to continue or discontinue learning with us. Our Quran tutoring service is very affordable way to Read Koran with the comfort of home. We have both male and female teachers available.

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