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Koran Tutor!


Koran tutor is not only Koran tutoring service but they are a full service Koran teaching academy that has been started with a single aim to help everyone get completely free Koran lessons, Koran recitation and even learn Koran with tajweed, they are a group of qualified Koran tutors with pleasing personalities that has completed their masters from well renowned Islamic universities and just to help everyone get free Quran teaching and learning they are devoting to help you everyone involved.

No matter you wish to learn Koran online or your premises, be it home or your work place, Koran tutor hopes to help you on time and in budget. No matter how old you are we have both male and female Koran tutors available to hire for Koran learning with Tajweed. Our aim is not only to provide you Holy Koran tuition but we aim to go beyond in helping with one’s humanity, morality, and ethics, we aim to help everyone be the true Muslim and help human-beings we were sent for on this world.

We have hired tutor supervisors to make a check on tutors. Tutor supervisor ensures that all classes are being conducted in time. Our students and parents are free to call to CSR or Manager at any time to inform them about the progress of teacher’s teaching.

hifzquran.com Academy is the largest Koran Tutoring service on internet with enormous experience of teaching Koran online and having a lot number of satisfied students all over the World including USA ,UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands and other countries.

• Online Koran tutors of Hifzquran institute are highly qualified. Koran tutors are prepared to give extra knowledge to the students about the Holy Quran. Fully confident and competent persons are hired for this Holy task.

• Learning Koran online has been made possible by providing reasonable rates for online classes for the people living anywhere in the world. One to One classes are organized. High quality conversational software's are used. In most of cases Desired time is provided.

Currently, all the Tutors are at least bi-lingual with proficiency in Urdu & English languages. Most of Tutors are able to speak and understand Arabic as well. Most of the Tutor have received training in Qirat and Reciting Koran and also have Koran Teaching Experience. The Tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards set by the management. The performance of each Tutor is evaluated every 3 months based on their students progress.


Services provided by Our Koran Tutors::

• Basic Quranic Qaida
• Koran learning with Tajweed.
• Quran memorization.
• Koran translation.
• Arabic, English and Urdu Language to Learn Koran.
• Interpretation of Islamic concepts for Muslim brothers and sisters
• Tafseer, Prayers, Dua and Hadith.

Characteristics of Our Koran Tutors::

• Proficient in computer
• Fluent in English, Urdu and Arabic
• Qualified from renowned Islamic universities
• Both Male and Female tutors
• Expert in Tajweed
• Online Koran instructors
• Well mannered
• Courteous and polite in teaching
• Well trained and expert in their field
• Student friendly

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